Specialty Graphite

Offshore oil platform in ocean with sunset in background


We offer a wide range of products for the Petrochemical Industry including raschig rings, graphite rods and tubes.

Our raschig rings are available in diameters 3” or less and are excellent for use as packing media in chemical processing due to their unique properties such as high mechanical strength in this aggressive environment.

Our extruded graphite rods and tubes are available as either solid or hollow and feature both high purity and outstanding strength. Our extensive manufacturing resources and expertise also allow us to produce these products at low cost, making these the ideal choice for use in spectroscopy analytical equipment.

Due to their excellent chemical and thermal stability, high strength and life in operation, our products exert superior performance and consistency, making them the right choice for your petrochemical applications.

We recognise the need for short lead times within refinery maintenance, so we strive to be best in class in keeping lead times to a minimum.

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