Specialty Graphite

Iron, steel, orange, hot


We develop, manufacture and apply consistent and quality graphite components for use within the Metallurgy Industry. Offering outstanding insulative properties, high machinability and superb chemical and thermal stability, all our graphite products offer the properties needed to sustainably perform in the harshest of environments.

Within the primary metal, alloy metal and metal casting markets, high density and oxidation resistant components are vital in order to avoid imparting impurities during the processing phase. Our flux tubes and graphite rods have been specifically developed to impart consistent performance at high temperatures.

Similarly, the continuous casting industry relies on utilising graphite dies to maintain exact manufacturing requirements. Our moulded and iso-moulded graphite strip dies offer peerless stability and our tight machining tolerances enable us to precisely control surface finishes.


  • Carbon and graphite felts
  • Rigid boards
  • Flux tubes
  • Carbon and graphite rods
  • Strip dies

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