Specialty Graphite

Close up of solar panel cells

Solar energy

We are dedicated to the development of efficient solar energy solutions and have worked with some of the world’s leading producers of polysilicon to improve solar cell performance. Our products play an important role in reducing the energy demands in silicon production and we are seen as industry leaders in this field.

We design, manufacture and apply a diverse range of thermal solutions that help optimise the processing of silicon for solar applications. Our carbon and graphite felts are processed at high temperatures to prevent degrading and contaminating materials during their heat cycles.

Products used within this industry include:

  • Carbon and graphite felts (full rolls, cylinders & cut parts)
  • Rigid board insulation
  • Seed electrodes
  • Insulation systems

Seed electrodes play a vital role in the silicon production process and are used to hold silicon slim rods to grow silicon boules for use in solar materials. Our machined graphite components have been selected for their high strength, high purity and electrical resistive properties and offer an outstanding low CTE for use in either DSS or CZ processes.

Our considerable expertise in thermal applications is also reflected in our rigid board, with our unique RGB-LTC material that offers lower thermal conductivity than typical rigid board materials. 100% rayon based, our rigid boards play a key part in lowering energy consumption during the polysilicon and silicon production process.

We work closely with our customers to develop bespoke solutions for the Solar Industry.

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