Specialty Graphite

Carbon/graphite cloth

We are a world leader in the design and manufacture of carbon and graphite cloth products for use in high temperature, ablative and re-entry applications.

We offer an extensive array of 100% Rayon-based products that bring unrivalled performance to the aerospace, military, automotive and analytical markets.

Our carbon and graphite cloth products offer outstanding insulative properties and resilience to extreme temperatures for ablative applications, as well as high purity and extreme temperature stability in re-entry type applications.

Although applied within a variety of sectors, our carbon and graphite cloth is most commonly used in the most demanding applications, such as of rocket nozzles, and leading edge type applications for re-entry. Resistant, versatile and extremely consistent, our cloth products offer a range of specific benefits including:

  • Resistance to pocketing during firing
  • Capable of meeting stringent insulative and weight requirements for flight
  • A proven track record of high performance and reliability in application

The renowned purity and insulative properties of our carbon and graphite cloth products has have led to us working within an array of demanding aerospace and military applications, involving including ablative rocket nozzles. For more information on our carbon and graphite cloth products, please contact us today.