Specialty Graphite

Carbon/graphite felt

We have developed a range of industry-leading graphite and carbon felts for applications in solar, LED, medical, semiconductor, automotive and mining.

100% Rayon-based, our carbon and graphite felts have been specifically developed to harness superb insulative properties including low thermal conductivity, dimensional stability and uniformity as well as low ash and high purity levels.

Relevant to a wide variety of high-specification markets, our carbon and graphite felts can bring tangible benefits to applications including:

  • Solar applications in processing silicon materials
  • LED applications for processing silicon carbide and sapphire technologies
  • High temperature vacuum furnace applications such as nitriding, carburising and heat treating of components

Our felt materials are processed to high temperatures ensuring a more stable product in extreme conditions and a higher purity while maintaining low thermal conductivity at high temperatures. This high temperature processing also serves to improve dimensional stability and prevent the further degassing and degradation of materials that could contaminate products.

Available as full rolls, cut-parts or fabricated into cylinders, we offer a range of custom solutions upon request. Contact us today to discuss your carbon and graphite felt requirements.