Specialty Graphite

Carbon/graphite furnace products

We manufacture a range of industry-leading furnace insulation and furnace furniture products that offer exceptional thermal performance and dimensional stability.

Used extensively within metal processing and Glass Manufacturing Industries, our products have been designed to offer unparalleled performance in the most demanding conditions.

Our insulation products are made from a 100% Rayon precursor and have been carefully developed to provide exceptionally low thermal conductivity, high machinability, low ash content and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. Similarly, our carbon and graphite furnace components also offer renowned resistance to oxidation, mechanical integrity and resistance to extreme temperatures. These materials include:

  • Porous carbon and graphite low density furnace furniture
  • Small rounds and flux tubes for heating elements
  • Graphite flux tubes for aluminium degassing

We work closely with a range of customers within diverse markets to develop furnace insulation and furniture solutions, including organisations within the Solar, Medical, LED, Semiconductor, Automotive and Mining Industries. Some of the specific applications our products have been used for include:

  • Solar applications in processing silicon materials
  • LED applications for processing silicon carbide and sapphire technologies
  • Aluminium processing
  • High temperature vacuum furnace applications such as nitriding, carburising and heat treating of components

Our insulation materials are processed at high temperatures ensuring that we’re able to offer a stable product in extreme conditions with a high level of purity. Our extensive knowledge and manufacturing capabilities allow us to combine our product offering with other products across the Morgan Advanced Materials portfolio, helping to provide you with a one stop shop for all your furnace needs. Contact us today to discover what solutions we can provide.