Specialty Graphite

Furnace linings

By employing our industry leading Rayon based material, we provide furnace linings capable of offering peerless performance in a wide variety of demanding environments.

We produce rigid board and felt linings for use as high temperature insulation in resistance or induction heated vacuum and inert gas furnaces. Offering outstanding dimensional stability and low thermal conductivity, our furnace lining solutions have been applied in a variety of diverse markets including use for solar, LED, medical, semiconductor and superalloy investment casting applications.

Our furnace lining materials are 100% Rayon based and have been carefully selected for its exceptional thermal properties, high machinability, minimal ash content and foil faced capabilities. Some of the specific market applications our lining materials have been used in include:

  • Processing silicon for solar applications
  • Processing silicon carbide and sapphire technologies for LED applications
  • High temperature vacuum furnace applications such as nitriding, carburising and heat treating components

Both our rigid board and felt products can be precision machined to customer requirements, with our premium felt available as full rolls, cut-parts and cylinders.

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