Specialty Graphite

Graphite powders

Renowned for their consistent physical properties and unrivalled compactability, our graphite powders offer an industry leading solution for applications across the mining sector.

We have more than a century’s worth of expert knowledge in working with graphite powders, making us the best choice for you to work with in selecting the right powder for your project.

We offer a wide range of highly milled and tightly sized graphite powders that provide a series of outstanding properties including:

  • Industry leading high purity levels
  • Consistent crystallinity
  • Tight compactability

Made from natural and artificial graphite, this material is selected due to its particle uniformity, and high purity, making it the best choice for products such as tooling for oil drilling, construction, and mining in the artificial diamond manufacturing market.

Our sales engineers use their high level of skills and knowledge to work closely with you to select the right powder product for your application.

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