Specialty Graphite

Graphite raschig rings

In the most demanding of applications and in the most extreme of environments, our raschig rings deliver thermal stability, mechanical strength and exceptional corrosion resistance.

We predominantly produce graphite raschig rings for use as packing media within the chemical processing sector. Selected for its excellent chemical stability, our graphite material offers outstanding performance in harsh conditions.

Our design expertise and specialist manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce graphite raschig rings capable of fulfilling a diverse range of customer requirements.

In applications such as alkylation and other chemical processes within the Petrochemical Industry, our products maintain a long packing life and superior efficiency. Other features include:

  • Industry leading thermal stability
  • Outstanding mechanical strength in aggressive processing environments
  • Excellent corrosion resistance to a wide array of chemicals

We’re able to work closely with our customers to solve the most demanding of challenges and our quick-turn manufacturing and stocking plan allows us to offer short lead times for refinery maintenance needs.

For more information, contact us today to discover more about our high performance graphite raschig rings.