Specialty Graphite

Graphite seed electrodes

Resilient, versatile and available in a range of custom specifications, our graphite seed electrodes offer the thermal and electrical properties required to perform to industry leading standards within a range of market sectors.

We design and manufacture high performance graphite seed electrodes for use within polysilicon manufacturing applications.

Used to hold silicon slim rods needed to grow silicon boules for use in a range of markets, our seed electrodes are made from either iso-moulded or high density extruded graphite, depending on your specifications. Drawing upon more than a century of expert knowledge in the supply of graphite products, our seed electrodes offer outstanding performance when manufacturing silicon using either the Siemens or CZ processes. Some of the benefits of our product include:

  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • High density and purity
  • Outstanding electrical conductivity
  • High levels of machinability

Our machining capabilities allow us to meet and exceed the most-demanding customer requirements for precision tolerances and consistency. Used extensively within the solar, semiconductor and LED markets, our graphite seed electrodes are able to offer superior performance within extreme silicon environments.

We also develop and manufacture a range of other high performance components used within the polysilicon manufacturing process, allowing us to offer customers a complete solution to their manufacturing needs.

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